Helen Grogan 

Selected documenation w/ writings 

  1. Zara Sigglekow, splitting open the surface on which it is inscribed

  2. Sarinah Masukor, spillover

  3. David Komary, POEM (with insistence on plurality) & INSIDE SMALL DANCE 

  4. Charlie Sofo, Catalogue of studio activities / Itinerary of scores 

  5. Gillian Brown, SET AND DRIFT 

  6. Tara McDowell, Observation proposition for interior of indicated edges as well as other unindicated parameters already in ocurrence - Rustavi 

Selected books


Daniel Ward (Ed.)  & no more poetryNO NO NO ISSUE TWO, no more poetry, Naarm, 2022.

Alex Gawronski & Knulp. Transplant; Sydney College of The Arts, University of Sydney, Sydney, 2021

Komary, David. & Galerie Stadtpark. POSITION; Schlebrügge, Vienna, 2020

Doughty, Jacqueline. & Hope, Cat. & Gardner, Sally. & Gellatly, Kelly. & Ian Potter Museum of Art, host institution. The Score / The Ian Potter Museum of Art; curated by Jacqueline Doughty. The Ian Potter Museum of Art, Parkville, 2017

Dornau, Lauren, Sally Gardner, Anneke Jaspers, and Hannah Mathews. 2014. Framed Movements; Australian Center for Contemporary Art. Melbourne, 2017

Mathews, Hannah. & Testen, Žiga. & Geddes, Stuart. To note : notation across disciplines; Perimeter Editions, Melbourne, 2017

McDowell, Tara (Ed.) & Testen, Žiga. 124,908; curated by Tara McDowell. 3-ply, Victoria, 2016

EXCERPT. Sarinah Masukor, Between Two Hunks of Tip Top White, Catalogue Essay, Transplant at Knulp and SCA Galleries, 2021. FULL ESSAY
IMG 1-5. & VID 1. Helen Grogan, spillover (KNULP/SCA) in ‘Transplant’ curated by Alex Gawronski, Transplant took place across KNULP Camperdown, and SCA Gallery, University of Sydney simultaniously. March 5 - April 15 2021. 
          Things left behind expresses the mood of Helen Grogan’s spillover (2021), the work at the centre of SCA and the periphery of KNULP. Grogan is interested in the present and near past of a site, often using the time of installation and the duration of exhibition as material. The title describes something that doesn’t fit inside its container, and the work at KNULP, a small iPad placed low on the wall beside the window, cycles slowly through a series of shots of the SCA courtyard, the scenes mostly captured through their reflection in another, larger screen, positioned beside the SCA Gallery entrance. In the SCA Gallery, she’s wrapped a flimsy black plastic pole and ribbed ribbon barrier around the centre display walls of the gallery, cordoning off three large flat screens held in polystyrene protectors. One is covered, no draped, in that sroject of Grogan’s – has a small moving image playing on it. The moving image shows a similar and sometimes the same view of the courtyard as the screen at KNULP. Reflected in the screen installed by the university on the courtyard wall, two chairs sit empty. The glare of sun on screen makes the edges of the chairs glow.

Spillover (SCA/KNULP) was developed onsite at SCA Gallery for the exhibition ‘Transplant’ curated by Alex Gawronski, Sydney, 2021. The materials in Spillover (SCA/KNULP) where borrowed from the galleries and their peripheral spaces (office, storage, workshop) and returned upon closure. Transplant’ simultaneously across KNULP, Camperdown and SCA Gallery, USYD, with each artist contibuting a work that engaged both spaces.  This group exhibition and accompaying publication featured artists: Zöe Marni Robertson / Elizabeth Pulie / Debra Phillips / Dane Mitchell / Shane Haseman / Helen Grogan / Alex Gawronski / Mitchel Cumming / Fiona Connor / Dylan Batty. 
IMG. 1-5 Alex Gawronski. VID. 1: Helen Grogan